Lucia Girado
Undergraduate, Art + Technology

Mushroom Soup
Stop Motion Animation

STUDENT_LuciaGirado_image1 copy.jpg

The scene begins with a visual of roots growing underground from a coffin. These roots reach the surface and sprout as mushrooms. A child stands with his father in front of the burial site and in a series of pictures the child begins to pick up the mushrooms and take them back to his bucket. The father joins his son and together they head home to enjoy their mushroom soup.  

The stop motion production holds a quality of creativeness because it incorporates the ideology of a mushroom and its role in our life. My video emphasizes the cycle in which mushrooms follow by being our source of food as well as us being theirs. The co-dominance of each species would aid the earth and eliminate the amount of toxins that are contained in the ground. Human's improvement on the effect of our bodies after death will enforce a healthier ecosystem.